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The King of Birds


Intuitively, Dex converses with the bird: interpreting the various chirps and flutterings for the others. 


The bird introduces himself as Hezekiah, King of Birds, and tells you a sad tale about the great suffering of his feathered flock.


“What has caused this?” Dex asks kindly.


“The Giant Worm!” gulps Hezekiah in big, doleful sobs.


You tell Hezekiah to dry his eyes and, together with your companions, you offer your help. 


A spark of gratitude lights Hezekiah’s eyes, “Please wait here,” he beseeches you before flying purposefully away into the thick red forest.


You wait wonderingly. Then, some moments later, you see a bright, colourful cloud of yellow and blue appear on the horizon as thousands of Hezekiah’s kin flock to join you on the open meadow.


Despite their tiny size, by working together the determined birds manage to lift and carry you into the air! You fly across the river, above the forest and zigzag through the mountains.


From their lofty position, the birds abruptly swoop as one and hurtle downwards at terrifying speed as they spy an enormous, dark, foreboding hole in the ground: the start of the terrible tunnel towards the Giant Worm!

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