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Above: Acrylic Glass SIGNATURE ARTWORK with GAP XL wood frames in BROWN ALDER


Acrylic Glass

The SIGNATURE Acrylic Glass sets a new standard for modern artwork and is available with a choice of frames or 'au naturel'!


In combination with the Extra High Definition (EHD) printing process it is, quite simply, the very best that you can buy.


Even without EHD the definition and resolution of the gallery grade Acrylic Glass at FORMBY PHOTOGRAPHER puts many other providers to shame.


There is a vast difference in the quality of Acrylic Glass available on the market - as John Howard has learnt from extensive research!


Where to use Gallery Grade Acrylic Glass...

This versatile medium can be displayed either on it's own or combined with a flattering range of frames which allows it to marry harmoniously in diverse settings. 


On it's own the SIGNATURE Acrylic Glass has clean lines and the included hanging system allows your artwork to sit away from the wall with equal spacing all round to create the appearance of 'floating' freely from the background. The resulting shadows fall behind your picture to create their own subtle and flattering frame for your artwork. It works extremely well in both contemporary modern and also in minimalist homes.


Partnering your SIGNATURE Acrylic Glass with one of the available frames will transform the feel of your artwork, allowing it sit comfortably in diverse settings: there is a frame to suit every home!


The gallery grade Acrylic Glass in the SIGNATURE artwork range at FORMBY PHOTOGRAPHER marks the apex of modern technological achievement. The quality of the materials, the resolution and the definition of the printed artwork is unsurpassed. Quite simply, you can't get better than SIGNATURE Acrylic Glass combined with the optional Extra High Defintion (EHD) print achieved using the latest solid-state laser printing technology combined with a rigorously controlled lab environment. If you want the best... this is it!


Premium Canvas

The SIGNATURE artwork Premium Canvas is made using 8-colour pigment printing to ensure rich colours and is resin coated so that they retain their depth for longer.


The canvas is stretched onto a 1.5" deep stretcher frame for increased resilience and a sculpural appearance.


Your Premium Canvas is ready to hang directly from the frame - no strings attached and no need for complicated screw positioning!


Where to use Premium Canvas...

Premium Canvas looks stunning in a traditional or classical home where this timeless style will complement your setting. In rooms with bright colours or a significant amount of soft furnishings, drapes and curtains, the soft edges of the Premium Canvas can be a very effective partner to your decor.


In rooms with large windows and direct light, reflections can be a distraction from your beautiful artwork. The matte surface of a Premium Canvas helps to minimise light reflection and is a good practical solution. The resin coated 8-colour pigment printing process not only provides rich & vibrant colours, but also helps to ensure that your artwork is more resistant to fading over time. 


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