Signature Artwork - Acrylic Glass

The SIGNATURE artwork Acrylic Glass sets a new standard for modern artwork. Your bespoke artwork is tailor-made to fit your home. In combination with the Extra High Definition (EHD) printing process, it is quite simply the very best that you can buy.


Even without EHD the definition and resolution of the gallery grade Acrylic Glass at FORMBY PHOTOGRAPHER puts many other providers to shame. There is a vast difference in the quality of Acrylic Glass available on the market - as John Howard has learnt from extensive research...


Your Acrylic Glass can be specified 'au naturel' or with one of our beautiful frames - all frames include EHD printing. Don't forget that adding a frame will increase the overall size of your picture!


Prices shown are exclusive of Frames & EHD printing - these are added on the ORDER page...


Use the buttons below to pay for your Acrylic Glass and book your collection date & time...

Frames & EHD (Extra High Definition) can also be specified using these buttons:

Size up to 12" x 8"

£ 145.00

Size up to 15" x 10"

£ 179.00

Size up to 24" x 16"

£ 263.00

Size up to 30" x 20"

£ 330.00

Size up to 36" x 24"

£ 407.00

Size up to 45" x 30"

£ 575.00

Size up to 20" x 20"


Size up to 30" x 30"


Size up to 40" x 40"


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