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11 Channel Standard Editing


Modern DSLR cameras are able to shoot in "RAW" mode which allows the camera to capture a range of data for each image, effectively recording a spectrum of exposures. The resulting image taken directly from the camera is essentially an 'average' of all this data.



Your standard edit includes a manual adjustment to eleven different 'channels' of data to find the best balance for your clothes, skin type and background scenery. The result is a new highly personalised 'average' created specifically for you!



Your image is then polished and unwanted background scenery is removed where possible - normally this requires a clear margin between the subject and the unwanted elements.



Your finished image is branded with the FORMBY PHOTOGRAPHER logo in the bottom corner: your certificate of quality workmanship! This logo will appear on prints, artwork and image downloads - there is no option to remove this when ordering from the online gallery. The watermark logo in the middle of your image, however, will be automatically removed on all purchases!


Raw Image

Standard Edit

Standard Logo

Signature Edits


SIGNATURE artwork is created using the SIGNATURE edit, which is a multi-layered composite image. After the initial 11 channel base edit your image is compiled from separate additional layers for each distinct texture: skin, hair, clothes, eyes. Each layer is edited using the 11 channel adjustment to develop the best balance between texture, colour and light before they are then brought together to form the overall picture. 



At this stage there is no 'photoshopping'. Every part of the image remains true to real life: just with the most flattering and dynamic light and textures for every part of the image!



Once your composite image has been created, it's time to deal with any pesky bread crumbs, fluff, dribbles or inconsiderate and ill-timed spots as well as unwanted background scenery. Great care is taken at this stage to retain natural features whilst dealing with those details which are not normally present on a good day. Once this is complete, your composite image is left alone for a few days so that it can then be viewed again with 'fresh eyes' before being given one last final polish to make sure it's absolutely fabulous!



The result is a startling level of depth in your image: clear, sharp detail in eyes and in leather, cotton or denim clothes combined with flattering gentle textures for skin and soft fabrics. SIGNATURE edits typically take between 2-3 hours to complete: nothing but the greatest attention to detail during the editing phase would be a worthy partner for the incredible clarity and resolution of your SIGNATURE artwork!


Standard Edit

Signature Edit

Artwork Signature


The end result of all this hard work can be seen when contrasting the Standard & SIGNATURE edits. Don't forget you need a computer screen as large as your artwork to be able to really appreciate the difference! Better still, come and look at the examples in the studio - nothing can compete with the real thing...!


Standard vs. Signature Edits...

Good to Know...

The SIGNATURE edit can also enhance the weather on location shoots!

Compare Standard edits & SIGNATURE edits!

Autograph Edits

AUTOGRAPH is the next level of SIGNATURE artwork. Two or more SIGNATURE edits can be combined with a fantasy scene to breathe life into your fantastic dreams or SIGNATURE edits can be united to create a family portrait where nobody is blinking! AUTOGRAPH editing also includes hand-painted digital artwork and can be created from images taken on your shoot or using one of your own favourite images. 


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